Practical HR & Business Guidance and Support for Businesses,

Non-Profits and You 

Managers everywhere struggle with issues we categorize as “HR.”

Just what do those two "HR"letters stand for anyway?

  • Hell raiser?

  • High risk?

  • Hairsplitting regulations?

When it comes to managing people and the workplace, it could be “all of the above.”


Your dilemma: So many hats. So little time.

  • Just how do you handle people problems?

  • And stay in compliance with employment law?

  • And do everything else required to survive and run your organization?


Human resources personnel often have no formal training. Many who do are often overwhelmed and under-resourced. Whether it’s an office of 5 employees or 105, the same issues can stall productivity, damage morale and dent the bottom line.

That’s where I come in.

We’re the HR Office and we’ve been there and done that. We solve – and prevent – human resources problems so you can focus on running your organization.

I am the ibuprofen for your workplace headaches.

What kind of stress do we alleviate? If it involves people and risk, we can help.


Let me handle problems including:

  • Employee conflict and mediation

  • Internal investigations

  • Mismanagement

  • Non-compliance with HR law

  • Business insurance coverage gaps

  • Updating personnel policies to minimize risk

Who I help

  • Small businesses

  • Large businesses

  • Non-profits

  • And you


Where I help

We’re located in and primarily serve businesses and non-profits in the Kansas City area. However, we have clients nationwide.

As an HR Consultant, I found Simon to be an impeccable professional possessing the 4 critical “D’'s” of good practice in action…... Detailed…...Direct…...Deliberate…...Dedicated.   

That’s why I completely trust and believe in what Simon Says!