The First 2 Months Are FREE


Full Service Payroll

Payroll must be done right and on time, but it doesn’t have to be costly. Don’t overpay. The HR Office is a full-service payroll provider throughout the United States.

Our rates are:

  • $30 per month flat fee plus $4 per month per employee

  • The first two months are free.

If you have a fixed number of employees, you'll have a fixed monthly payment regardless of how many pay periods you may have in each month.


There are no long-term contracts, hidden or annual fees. Our service includes:

  • Depositing funds

  • Filing federal, state and local payroll taxes

  • Filing and remitting payroll taxes on time

  • Correspondence with government tax agencies

  • Free direct deposit (you can also pay with checks or cash)

  • Free employee payroll portal (for access to pay stubs and information)


If your company needs payroll services in more than one state, we charge an additional $12 per month per state.

In short, we do it all. Don’t sweat the setup.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of any change. But we remove the difficulty by taking care of everything, including:

  • Enrolling all your employees

  • Entering all their tax information

  • Entering deductions and contributions

  • Updating the current year’s payroll data

Our small non-profit company with eight employees, found ourselves without a

payroll service when an untimely death took place with one of our board members

who had been processing our monthly payroll.

Without missing a single payroll period, Simon Casas (The HR Office) jumped in and seamlessly helped us avert a disaster. What a blessing to have Simon’s expertise and servant’s heart. He makes sure everything is handled on a timely basis, and if there’s any speed bumps along the way he gets it resolved quickly.

Thanks Simon….you are the best!!


The HR Office does not provide legal or financial advice and our services should not be interpreted as such.              John 3:16