Simon Casas Solves and Prevents Workplace Problems


But how?


He guides – helping you make the best HR decisions

He informs – keeping you updated on changes in workplace law

He trains – providing the knowledge you and your team need to succeed

He facilitates – leading policy discussions and retreats

He listens – because you deserve to be heard.

 Human Resources Services 

HR Relief.PNG
  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Workplace investigations and fact-finding

  • Recruiting and hiring employees

  • New hire background checks

  • Developing job descriptions and employee handbooks

  • Employee performance evaluations

  • Termination guidance

  • Guidance on HIPPA and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) compliance

  • Employee and managerial professional development

Simon has a contagious smile and he is easy to get along with. He has the ability to make people feel at ease when they are around him. One reason for this is Simon does not come with his agenda. Rather, he listens to find out what the needs/dreams are and then he adjusts accordingly to turn those needs/dreams into reality, He puts the mission above personal desires and he is able to see the big picture and complement it.