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You’ve got a business to run.
Leave the headaches to us.

I love solving people problems, trying to understand HR law and ignoring my work to address a personnel crisis.
— Said no one, ever

If that’s you, you’re not alone. Managers everywhere struggle with the issues we categorize as “HR.”

Just what do those two letters stand for anyway?

  • Hell raiser?

  • High risk?

  • Hairsplitting regulations?

When it comes to managing people and the workplace, it could be “all of the above.”

Your dilemma
So many hats. So little time.

  • Just how do you handle people problems?

  • And stay in compliance with employment law?

  • And do everything else required to survive and run your organization?

Human resources personnel often have no formal training. Many who do are often overwhelmed and under-resourced. Whether it’s an office of 5 employees or 105, the same issues can stall productivity, damage morale and dent the bottom line.

That’s where we come in.

We’re the HR Office and we’ve been there and done that. We solve – and prevent – human resources problems so you can focus on running your organization.

The HR Office: Gain Without Pain

We’re the ibuprofen for your workplace headaches
What kind of stress do we alleviate?

If it involves people and risk, we can help.

Let us handle problems including:

  • Employee conflict and mediation

  • Internal investigations

  • Mismanagement

  • Non-compliance with HR law

  • Business insurance coverage gaps

  • Updating personnel policies to minimize risk

What makes us different?
Human resources often gets a bad rap. At the HR Office, we break the mold. Here’s how:

  • We have in-depth workplace knowledge and decades of experience (you’d expect that, but keep reading).

  • We genuinely value managers and employees and want them to succeed.

  • We love solving real-world problems.

  • We’re professional, but not stuffy.

  • We’re about relationships, not transactions.

Do you like HR? We love it and live it every day. Our goal is to free you to accomplish more, build your business and achieve success.

Who we help

  • Small businesses

  • Large businesses

  • Non-profits

  • And you

Where we help
We’re located in and primarily serve businesses and non-profits in the Kansas City area. However, we have clients nationwide.